“Tree of Life” 5 feet bronze, Lever House NYC.

Unilever Inc. commissioned a sculpture for their executive suite in the Lever House, NYC. “Tree of Life” in bronze was chosen as the signature sculpture to complement the site.

Creating a site-specific sculpture depends on a variety of elements and during the design process, every detail is critical in allowing a sculpture to be fully appreciated by the viewer. Overall form and size, orientation to light movements as well as proximity to existing natural or architectural elements, are all vital for the final effect.


Most of my original sculptures are carved in wood. These carvings are then used as a basis for enlargements in bronze or stone. Digital 3D scans capture the exact shape to insure the final enlargement is true to the original. All bronze sculptures are cast in limited editions of 7 or less. Please email me if you wish a cost estimate on any sculpture / size and or wish to see a rendering in a potential setting. Renderings are often very helpful in showing and choosing which sculpture and final size will work within a particular design space.

Lost Wax Casting.

My bronze’s are done using the time honored method of “lost wax casting” which was used by both the Greeks and Romans. There are many steps in the process and this link gives a fairly good overview.

“Tree of Life” Unilever, Lever House, NYC.

“Reflection” 6 feet-bronze. Private Collection Atherton CA.

“Standing Woman”, 7 feet-Oak.¬† Private collection.

“Enigma” 5 feet wood. Interior.

“Shiva Shakti” 7 feet.

“Twin Forms” 8 feet-bronze. Private sculpture garden.

“Dryad” 5 feet- bronze. Charles Benenson Collection, Greenwich CT.

“Echoes” 3 feet-bronze. Private Collection, Alterton CA.

“Oculus” 5 feet. Rendering.

“Arisaema” 3 feet-bronze. Nayden Collection, Jupiter Fl.